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J. Wiesner
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If you see an art account outside what's listed above which claims to be me, it's simply an art thief!
:pointr: I'm OK with people sharing my art for NON-COMMERCIAL reasons as long as they don't claim it to be theirs nor edit it! Credits via link to my gallery would be awesome. (:
I used to wonder about this. Almost every time I saw goldfish in an aquarium, with quality filter and food and everything, some fish still ended up dying early, or getting freaky-looking illnesses and tumors like:

The other day I found out, these fish are in fact sensitive to the SIZE of their aquarium as well!

Even though goldfish have a short term memory like a lot of small fish do, and being in a small home rarely makes them panic, it will still damage them with stress. (EDIT: Just got informed that goldfish have a memory span of 3 months, my bad. Still not so much memory span compared to the fact they can get around 40 years old, though.)

It reminds me of the cases of PTSD, where people forget cruelties because of mental self-defense, but they still live with a noticeable damage.

And then I also found out, the size of the home will not only influence the health and life span, but also the SIZE of a goldfish! And I mean, a DRAMATIC change of size.

Look at what becomes of goldfish when they're released into a larger (and clean) environment:

I thought about all this for a while. I get a spiritual inspiration from this.

We all finally need to free ourselves from the small aquarium we live in, so we can be truly healthy and grow like we should. :U


We live in a large box called house.
We live in a smaller box called room.
We work in another box called office.
We use a box called computer.
We watch a box called TV.
We listen to a box called radio.
We drive inside a box called car.

Then we look at cats inside cardboard boxes and wonder why they're so fascinated with boxes as if it's a completely new thing.

Human logic! Icon popo 
I'm constantly torn between

"You alone are the creator of your own happiness and don't need anybody else at all."

and not being able to deny the amazing healing powers of being loved back by a person or animal you love.

I haven't seen my stray cat friend since early November. He's alright, it's just too cold for him to show up and cuddle like we used to. But I miss him so much that it hurts. :(
(I can't adopt him because my allergy allows contact for max 2 hours, and my home is too tiny for a cat used to years of open freedom anyway.)

It's probably self-pity, I don't know. I still have so much to learn about handling life and isolation like a good grown-up.

How do you guys handle these things?
What if viruses consider themselves people. And would see us people as planets to live on because they can't live by themselves, since they need a host to survive.

What if actual planets see us people, animals, and other such organism as viruses and bacteria. And Earth happens to be the most infected planet because the circumstances make it "mold" wildly like that.

What if a whole galaxy considers planets as randomly floating viruses and bacteria.

What if galaxies, stars, and planets are just atoms, a tiny part of a huge living being.

TOP Crazy

What if viruses have the same thoughts about their own lives and places in this universe as I'm having right now.
I look at the clock. It's 11:45PM.

Me: Time to sleep!

Brain: Have you ever thought about how the brain is mind-controlling you? How the brain is responsible for thousands of things happening inside your body at a time? How it's responsible for both your consciousness and subconsciousness, and the consciousness being a very small part of it? The only part that you are truly aware of, that is YOU by your own will, is a merely a small part of the brain?

Me: Stop.

Brain: Ever realized just how much the brain owns you, because you are merely in control of the small part called consciousness? And you can't even fully control that part at all times.

Me: It's 11:45PM, I need to sleep!

Brain: Because you are, in fact, not your own master on the big picture of biology. Now you'll go to sleep not knowing what kind of f*cked-up dreams you'll get because I'm in control here.

Me:  Pearl Emote 2 !!

Brain: Goodnight~! Big Fool Emoji-03 (Creep Stare) [V2]
I just realized how only Scotsmen manage to wear skirts, have a unicorn for a heraldic animal, and still be manly as f*ck.

Teach me your magic, masters.


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